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Watercolorsthanks again Jessica (woods-baby) for letting me reference your work ♥She’s an angel and her blog is a dream

thanks again Jessica (woods-baby) for letting me reference your work ♥
She’s an angel and her blog is a dream

Anonymous asked: How would I start making YouTube videos for art? It feels a little silly talking to nobody.

you’re gonna be talking to nobody whether you have 1,000,000 subscribers or 0 subscribers. When i turn on a camera, there is no one in the room. I’m talking to myself. When i started my youtube channel I had 0 subscribers.
The point is not having people to talk to or look at your art. The point is putting yourself out there, making something that is fun to create because it’s just fun to create (not for the purpose of followers) and in doing so, you make it possible for people to find you.

Anonymous asked: I try to draw everyday and use social media to share it, and I really want to share it with more people but it's so daunting. I don't want to beg on other's people work to get attention. What can I do?

Don’t be discouraged if people don’t flock to you right away, it takes time.  Keep making art and focus more on your personal growth as an artist rather than the growth of followers. You can always make it interactive and exchange art with other artists you know or befriend more artists you find and share each others work. Get involved in communities where you live or online, meet people and make friends. It helps to be available on more than one social network. Make it easy for people to find you with keywords if you have a blog. You can always start a youtube channel as well. And be consistent. It could take years for large amounts of people to find you, and for most people (including myself) it did take years. That’s why i say, focus more on your personal growth, get lost in your art, that’s the whole point ♥

Anonymous asked: Are you always in the mood for painting?

Definitely not always. But I paint anyway

betty1807 asked: Hey, Lena! What is your exercise routine? Have you ever been on diet? What do you think about diets?

I don’t think I’ve been on a particular “diet” and I think diets are bad. Restriction is bad. I’ve done a fair share of calorie-restricting back in high school and that is a TERRIBLE thing to do to your body. I paid for it many years after and it took a long time for my body to heal and my metabolism to stabilize. Lifestyle change is the way to go. The vast majority of food I eat is natural, unprocessed, and cooked by me at home. I go on a lot of walks and work out around 3-5 times a week for a half hour to an hour. I don’t drink soda and I don’t eat meat or dairy, and very rarely I’ll have something with eggs. Maybe that sounds crazy and “extreme” and it sounds like I’m on a “diet” but I feel infinitely better, more energized, and I haven’t been sick in 3 years. I never have digestive or skin problems. All the nutrients your body needs to thrive actually grow from the ground, and I still get to have things like pizza, cookies, lasagna, burgers, etc, just infinitely healthier options without animal flesh or secretions. There are endless delicious alternatives. I’ve done mountains of research before going on this lifestyle to make sure I don’t deprive my body of anything it needs. I eat until I’m satisfied. :)

meandmymat asked: Hi there :) You've inspired me to start painting againn after watching your awesome videos :)) Just wondering where you get your canvases? I've been thinking of buying them in bulk online (i really like 16x20 and 20x20) but im not sure...

Hi sweetheart I’m so glad to hear you getting back into it! I buy my canvases at hobby lobby or michael’s usually. As far as 16x20 goes hobby lobby has those in packs of 2 for 7.99 (look up a coupon on their site) I’m not sure where to get them in bulk but online seems like a good option! Sometimes I also buy huge birch panels at home depot and have them cut up for me into 16x20 pieces or whatever sizes I need. that would cost around 12-50 dollars depending on the size of the board. Occasionally I also build and stretch canvases myself. So you have a few options! Explore some art stores, they’ll have what you need :)

Anonymous asked: Do you ever look your paintings in the mirror? I always do that for some weird reason!

I do sometimes! It’s a refreshing perspective after staring at something for a long time. Taking pictures of the paintings on my phone offers something similar. But usually I just walk away fr a bit and come back, or switch to another painting :)

Anonymous asked: hey Lena, i love your art and find it v inspiring - i'm sure you get asked this so often but i couldnt find it in your FAQ.. is there a reason you paint mostly women? asking just because i'm curious, you're super talented and your pieces are quite diverse despite underlying themes.. love your work!! <3 xx

thank you darling!! I paint mostly women because I am one and it just feels the most natural for me to express myself through the female form and through femininity. I also don’t like how women are portrayed in mainstream media and the effect it has had on me and other women, so I portray them in ways that resonate more with me. I often associate femininity with flowers and other parts of nature, but that is just my own take. They are not hypersexualized for the male gaze.  A lot of the girls I paint are real people and personal friends of mine. Maybe there’s also a subconscious reason because I was raised by a single mom and most of the strongest influences in my life have been women. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi Lena! I was just wondering - what kind of paper do you use for your watercolour pieces? I recently started using watercolours, and I'm having some trouble with the paper crinkling up, and I wasn't sure whether it was because of the paper I was using, or whether I'm applying too much water to the page, or both. :P And thank you for all of your amazing content, I've been a long time subscriber on Youtube and seeing you create art always motivates and inspires me to do the same. :D

Hi darling! Are you using a special watercolor paper? or something else? Because it’s super important to use thick paper that can handle all the water. I’m trying out canson watercolor paper which I really like. It’s 300gsm (thick & sturdy) and the surface is really smooth. 10 bucks for a pad with 30 sheets at hobby lobby and you can get a 40% off coupon on their site. Or you can order online form a different retailer if you don’t have one near your area!
But, with enough water the thick paper will still bend and morph so you want to tape the paper down on the sides to hold it flat. I’m pretty light on the water with my watercolors so it doesn’t bend too bad for me but sometimes I still use tape. Hope that helps! =] xo

Busting out the fire for this chilly night 🔥

Busting out the fire for this chilly night 🔥